Blog vs Wiki

Blogs and wikis are both extremely revolutionary and useful tools in new media today. Both have been used personally, by businesses and in many other ways to provide information on various topics and to allow for easier collaboration among colleagues.

One of the main differences between blogs and wikis resides in the structure. According to How Can We Measure the Influence of the Blogosphere? by Kathy E. Gill, posts are primarily in reverse chronological order and time stamped. Also, old content remains accessible. When you create a wiki however, it’s more like one big research paper, with links to different sections or pages that have information on a set topic.

Wikis are more often collaborative, allowing users to edit information to each section almost instantly. According to More on How to Build Your Own Wikipedia, it states that “each team member could contribute and access up-to-date information.” In a blog however, normally a post is written by one person and new information by other people are on a separate post with a new timestamp.

While normally blogs are made by a person or business to be read by the public, according to the wikipedia on wikis, “Many wiki communities are private, particularly within enterprises. They are often used as internal documentation for in-house systems and applications.” Blogs have a more journalistic feel, with that journalist’s opinion sometimes inserted into the writing, wikis have a more objective feel.

Even though wikis are more collaborative by nature, blogs can also be collaborative. There are many group blogs out there, written by more than one author. Blogs also allow readers to comment, allowing colleagues, mentors or the general public to weigh in on what you are writing, sharing a new point of view.

Some interesting ways to use wikis are event planning, collaborative note taking (convenient way to share notes with classmates!), writing business plans and project planning.

The internet has made it easier and more efficient to work together. Technology like blogs and wikis have created the ultimate opportunity to create synergy between departments, managers in different areas of the world, and employees in general. Blogs especially, have provided an outlet for 2-way communication between the public and companies. They have given consumers a voice and has allowed companies to better connect with them.



  1. it's SUSAN!!!

    I agree with you that project and business plannings is an interesting way to use for wikis. This can allow people to express their opinions in a faster way than just a meeting.

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