Social Networking Sites – A Comparison

Will Facebook dominate forever? Is Twitter pointless? Will Myspace ever make a comeback? Is Pinterest just a phase?
In this post I will be giving my impressions of these 4 social networking sites, what I think they are good for and the differences among them.
Let’s start with the obvious leader in the category, Facebook:
Visual: Facebook is easy on the eyes. The advertising isn’t overwhelming and everything is organized in a neat way from groups to events and birthdays.
Uses: Facebook is a great multi-use platform, allowing for games, chat, picture sharing, etc. Business pages are also great as well. It allows for an experience with your favorite brands that include videos, pictures, conversation, etc. in a way no other social networking site provides.
Cons: I personally think the user experience SUCKS. Why? Facebook informs you of TOO many things. For example, if I’m friends with someone, I learn about everything they like (even if it’s spam), every friend they make, etc. However, Facebook has been improving on this by allowing you to distinguish close friends from acquaintances and so on. However, many people have so many friends that you don’t want to take the time out to label each one.
My Favorite Thing About Facebook: It’s the best way to keep in touch with friends and family!
Yes, Myspace is still around 🙂 :
Visual: Myspace is a little cluttered for my taste. There’s a lot of stuff going on at once.
Uses: Myspace’s niche is music. Although it has the ability to be used for business, connecting with friends, etc., music and entertainment are its point of differentiation.
Cons: From my experience with Myspace, it seems that every person who comes across you, tries to add you as a friend. Also, the way many people use it seems more like a dating site (eek!).
My Favorite Thing About Myspace: Browsing new artists for interesting music.
Twitter for the minimalist:
Visual: Twitter is simple and extremely easy to navigate.
Uses: Twitter is a microblogging site, which means you can only post short updates (140 characters or less). Many people use it for connecting with friends as well as brands and people they find interesting. It’s also frequently used for sharing information and articles.
Cons: Sometimes the 140 character limit is seen as a con, but I think it’s a way to keep things to the point. It’s also hard to avoid spam on Twitter as well. One reason for this is the over-emphasis on follower count.
My Favorite Thing About Twitter: Connecting with and following people who are already successful in the career field I’m interested in.
Pinterest is all about the aesthetics:
Visual: As you may have heard, super-simple web design is popular nowadays and Pinterest has perfected it! It’s extremely pleasing to look at and gives the feel of window shopping.
Uses: To bookmark, share and browse things you find interesting visually, from interior design to cute animals. Some people and businesses also use it to drive traffic to their websites though sharing the visuals from their posts.
Cons: Sometimes pins become popular but original links get lost. Also, there are the issues of copyright violation.
My Favorite Thing About Pinterest: I love the easy re-pinning option and the organization of boards.
What’s your favorite social networking site?

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