I’m not sure exactly who said this but, creativity is not creating something new but finding new ways to do something old. This is especially true in new media.

It can be argued that new media is nothing more than old media, done in a new way. Hulu is television + technology. Blogs are journalism + technology. E-mail is literally mail + technology. In new media, technology is the key driver to fostering “creativity.”

One interesting way technology in new media has played a part in creating something interesting is with mashups in music. The New Yorker defines mashups as “new uses for current digital technology, a new iteration of the cause-and-effect relationship behind almost every change in pop-music aesthetics: the gear changes, and then the music does.” One of the most popular mashups is “The Grey Album” by Danger Mouse, which is a blend of “The Black Album” by Jay-Z and “White Album” by the Beatles.

Businesses have benefited greatly by this stir of creativity. One way is through crowdsourcing. New media, such as Facebook, blogs, Twitter and websites have allowed the common consumer to open up and express their ideas on how to improve businesses, and businesses listen. For example, according to a NY Times article, “‘Twitter’s smart enough, or lucky enough, to say, ‘Gee, let’s not try to compete with our users in designing this stuff, let’s outsource design to them,’ ‘ said Eric von Hippel, head of the innovation and entrepreneurship group at the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. and author of the book ‘Democratizing Innovation.'” Did you know that Retweets and Lists came from user ideas?

What exciting, creative things have you done with New Media?

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