Advice to Baruch College

As you probably know, last week the east coast faced one of the most devastating storms we’ve seen, Hurricane Sandy. I live in Brooklyn, New York and throughout all the boroughs, our transportation system, the MTA was shut down. Little by little the trains and busses have been put back into action, but due to the suspensions, Baruch College and most other schools were closed.

On Monday, November 5th, I received this message from the school:

Of course on that day, Baruch College Facebook pages and groups flooded with complaints including work obligations, travel inconveniences, religious obligations and much more. How do they expect every student to be available on these days? After all, we set up our schedules for certain days and times for a reason.

But we have to get the amount of education we paid for right? So what’s the solution? NEW MEDIA!

There are many new media options we can use to overcome this problem. In my opinion, a couple of online lessons would be a great alternative to coming in on the extra days listed. Professors can utilize our class organization platform, Blackboard, to post YouTube video lectures, assigned readings and use the discussion board function for class participation. This way, we will be provided with the information we would have learned in class and interact with the professor and other students, essentially gaining the same knowledge we would receive in person, while preventing the interruption of our previously scheduled obligations.

What ideas do you think would help?


  1. Janelle Rosario

    First off i’d like to say your blog looks nice and neat…. awesome. Now….. I was upset when I got that email because I also work on the weekend. A few online classes would have been fine for me because I work at a desk and that could be done… I think the school needs to take advantage of the media tools we have available and make use of it when needed and this would have been the perfect time. Im annoyed I have to come on a few sundays for make up but maybe after the complaints they will think of a way to incorporate new media in situations like this.

  2. Michael Tesoro

    I think this is a great alternative to requiring in class sessions to make up for the time missed due to the hurricane. These additional days disrupt almost every student and teacher’s routines. Students make their school schedules to fit their busy agendas and I believe it is unfair to disrupt them by requiring weekend and off day class attendance. Many students cannot make it to class and online classes or online assignments would be a great way to help the situation. For example, I live 2 hours away from Baruch and it costs me about $30 roundtrip to get there and back home. These additional school days have not only required me to commute 4 hours each day, but have also been extra expenses for me. Online classes would have eliminated both the lost time while commuting and the travel expense.

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