Privacy in New Media

New media has certainly made things far more convenient and efficient, but nothing’s perfect and new media is no exception. One of the major issues that comes with the rise of the internet in particular is privacy and confidentiality. Some agree that it may be TOO easy to share information, files and ideas online.

One of the major mediums where copyright issues are prevalent is, especially within the music industry. According to the New York Times, many amateur musicians upload videos of themselves singing or playing songs that are owned by big corporations. These corporations often force these videos to be taken down due to licensing issues, aggravating fans and others, but helping to implement the law.

Another industry where this is an issue is image sharing. For example, Pinterest, a virtual pinboard that lets you share images you find interesting online, is constantly criticized for their lack of copyright law implementation. Many companies complain about people sharing images on their profiles, many gaining tons of likes and shares, but nothing linking back to the source.

How do we resolve these issues? Some say we should crack down on violators, and others say we should become more flexible with the laws. One solution is to have a site that allows owners to share things that they don’t mind other people sharing, with the rules spelled out in plain english. One example of this is Creative Commons.

The common consumer also faces privacy problems. Many consumers are concerned that their email addresses and other information are being shared without their permission through social networks, companies sharing and buying email lists, etc.

What solutions do you think will help solve these problems?

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