Next New Thing in New Media

As the holiday season continues, most of us think about shopping! Well, some people who are more like me think about it all year round. While on one of my many shopping trips (window shopping for now), I thought of something cool: a social shopping app.

How would my social shopping app work?

While shopping, you’d be able to take pictures of what you tried on or what you are thinking of buying and upload the picture (in an Instagram format maybe?). This will broadcast the picture to all of your friends, or friends you select, along with price, discounts, sizes available, colors available and any other relevant information. With this information your friends can then reply, “Try it in a size smaller,” “I think mom would like the blue one better,” “$59.99!? That’s too expensive for a polyester t-shirt,” and anything else to help your purchasing decision.

Let me know what you think! …and by all means…steal this idea if you can implement it šŸ˜‰


  1. Juan C. Hernandez

    I really like your app idea! Some “fancy” store has a a somewhat similar idea. They implemented hangers that have numbers on the them; these numbers represent the number of “likes” they have received on Facebook. There are other applications where you can actually build your wardrove and mix-and-match everything you have in the closed. This could be a good implementation to your app.

  2. redina692

    Haha I like it :). I shop online 90% of the time so this would be really cool. Your idea reminded me of a couple of websites with similar ideas. I don’t know if you have heard of Pinterest but its basically a website where you post things you like and people can comment on them. There are also other websites where you post a picture of an item that you might have seen and liked and people tell you where you can buy it.

  3. Susan Li

    I think that’s a great idea for an app, but what if someone does not have data service on their phone? They won’t be able to respond until they are on a computer.

  4. newmediablogspotabc

    To be honest I believe this is a great idea and possibly the next step of barcode scans to being used in social networking. Barcodes right now are kind of dull, and this is actually a rather fun idea to implement. I really like it.

  5. Kimberly Pilling

    I think this is a great idea and definitely something that could be a success. Given the popularity of sites like Pinterest, Polyvore, and Shopstyle there seems to be opportunity in the market for this type of product. In my opinion, one of the most useful things about this site would be “sale alerts” from friends. Today, my friends and I share information about sales through texting whenever we see a good sale or get a particularly good coupon. This app would add some ease to that process. I would also suggest a “Do they have in my size?” where friends can ask about in store size availability and a section devoted to sharing coupon codes.

  6. janelle rosario

    this would be totally awesome. i think about shopping year round (guilty shopaholic) and i would love this. but then again since i have no patience id probably just buying what i want haha. you could incorporate the barcode scanning thing too and maybe the products will come up on their own…. cool idea!

  7. Laura Azeroual

    I really like this idea, because i like to shop online and loveeee to shoooppp!! But i am very indecisive person who never know how and what o buy for present or gifts for christmas, hannuka .. I think this idea will help me to be more sure about what i need and what kind of gift should i get. I usually shop by myself and i ve never have another opinion about what i choose. I will be so happy that this idea will exist and will get me the chance to shop more and be more confident about what I pick . This will allow people to know more about how we feel and be satisfied of our purchases.

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