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Next New Thing in New Media

As the holiday season continues, most of us think about shopping! Well, some people who are more like me think about it all year round. While on one of my many shopping trips (window shopping for now), I thought of something cool: a social shopping app.

How would my social shopping app work?

While shopping, you’d be able to take pictures of what you tried on or what you are thinking of buying and upload the picture (in an Instagram format maybe?). This will broadcast the picture to all of your friends, or friends you select, along with price, discounts, sizes available, colors available and any other relevant information. With this information your friends can then reply, “Try it in a size smaller,” “I think mom would like the blue one better,” “$59.99!? That’s too expensive for a polyester t-shirt,” and anything else to help your purchasing decision.

Let me know what you think! …and by all means…steal this idea if you can implement it 😉